Buying into Beauty: Sunday Spa Day!

Monday 25 February 2013

Here's the thing. I like makeup and beauty as much as the next girl, but I'll be honest, I'm kind of lazy. I've always wanted to be the kind of girl that has an amazing skincare routine, and was able to create the most amazing makeup looks, but before I just couldn't be bothered. Since starting my blog, and reading a lot of other blogs (mostly fashion and beauty blogs). I have decided that the time has come for me to get my own beauty routine. Now as I said I'm lazy, so I'm not going to do this routine everyday (Except for skincare). So I created 'Sunday Spa Day'.

The reason Sunday is a good day for me is because even if I have to work The store closes at 4:30pm so the latest I will be in work is 5:30pm. Leaving me the evening to carry out this routine:

In the shower:

  1. Wash my face with my Tesco Cucumber Face Cleanser. My skin is fairly ok, so I don't see the need to buy expensive cleansers.
  2. Wash my Hair with my Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal to Thick hair. My hair is actually quite fine, but I got bought this shampoo in a gift set for Christmas, so I thought I might as well use it. Since using it I have noticed that my hair is slightly thicker!
  3. Put my Pantene 2 Min repairing hair mask on. Also part of the gift set with the shampoo and conditioner above.
  4. Whilst my hair mask is doing it's work I use the I Love... Raspberry and Blackberry Shower Smoothie to exfoliate my body. I love the smell of these products and exfoliation is something I need to do more!
  5. Rise everything and get out of the shower.
Once dried:

  1. Use my Simple Face Moisturiser. I don't really buy into moisturising my face, but I'll see how it goes.
  2. Use my Dove Body Lotion to moisturise my entire body. I don't have the patience to do this every day, or every other day, so doing it once a week is just right for my lazy self!
  3. Simple Pedicure. (Use a nail block to shape, buff and polish the nails. Place a little moisturiser on each nail and use an orange stick to push back cuticles. Rub the remaining moisuriser into the feet) This Sunday I gave myself my first ever pedicure and my toenails look healthier than they have ever done. This is something I'll definitely keep in my routine. 
  4. Manicure. (same as pedicure. Then use my OPI Nail Envy as a base and paint my nails any colour I like!)
Evening relaxation:
  1. Face Mask. I bought 4 facemasks from Superdrug the other day, they are too cheap to pass up. This Sunday I used one of the peeling ones. I just love the feeling of peeling off the facemask when it is dry!
So there you have it! This is my new Sunday Routine! Obviously there are parts that I'll do every few days, Such as my manicure, because I need to use the Nail Envy every other day for it to work. As a side note I am seriously impressed with the change I've seen in my nails. On Sunday when I removed my Nail Polish my nails looked and felt a lot stronger, and that was a mere two days after starting to use Nail Envy. I can't wait to see what my nails look like in a week! I'll hopefully be bringing you a lot more beauty posts as my tastes and interests grow. We'll see. 

If you want to recommend me some products to use for my Sunday Spa Day then please leave them in the comments!

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  1. Ha I think we would all love to be the kind of girl that has an amazing skincare routine, and was able to create the most amazing makeup looks... in reality that isn't me either, but I do love products, I guess that is why I blog and I am massively into moisturising my whole body, even my feet (I hate feet) xx

    1. Yeah haha :) For years I've been saying 'I'm going to get a routine' and then I never do. I've finally got it together and it feels amazing!