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Saturday 2 February 2013

Hello there my lovely rose petals! Today is my 21st birthday! Wow I feel old. I'll admit I'm cheating this and writing it before my birthday because I'm going home for the weekend with a few friends to spend time with my family and I doubt there will be blogging time! Don't worry there will be a detailed gifts post when I return and I've received my gift from a certain someone!

21 years ago at a quarter past midnight (give or take a few minutes) I was born at Basingstoke hospital to my wonderful mother Lisa. Since that day I've learned a lot of life lessons, mainly about men, and been through some horrific things in my childhood. Ultimately these things made me a stronger person. I've done my GCSE's, 'A' Levels and now I'm in my final year at Aberystwyth University studying Film and Television studies. In the past year I have grown up an awful lot. I'm a lot calmer, and I've learned to control my emotions. I've learned how to be a good friend, and I've learned what it is to live independently. I also managed to meet The Wanted twice, which isn't too shabby!

I had a long hard think about what I could do that would be special for my birthday and then I stumbled across a tab on the blog Is That You Darling? which is run by the lovely Jane, entitled 31 before 31! Which is basically a list of 31 things that Jane wants to do before she turns 31. So I thought to myself, why not write 22 things I want to do before I reach 22!  So without further ado here they are! (Prepare yourself for a very wordy post)

  1. Go on holiday without my family (Outside of the UK): I have been away without my family, but that was with my ex's family, I've never just been by myself or with friends and I really think I'm old enough to!
  2. Make an item of clothing: I've been saying for ages that I wanted to make myself a dress, and maybe now is the time
  3. Write a script: I have a lot of story ideas but I never seem to manage to get them down on paper so my goal this year is to write a script for a feature film!
  4. Do the Race For Life: This is something I kind of decided I was going to do anyway, but I still haven't signed myself up yet and made the complete commitment.
  5. Make a Scrapbook: I've always wanted a scrapbook, so I went and bought some things and I'll be starting one asap!
  6. Get a tattoo: I've been planning a tattoo for a long time, using my weight as an excuse to wait to get one, but maybe I should just take the plunge/
  7. Watch every film on my 'To Watch' list: Being a film student you would think that I've seen most films, but my 'to watch' list is shamefully long for someone on my course and I really need to remedy that!
  8. Learn a new craft: I'm not sure what this will be yet, it could be a new language, or a new hobby. I'll decide later.
  9. Lose weight: This one is quite open. Ultimately I want to be the weight I was when I came to university and to do that I need to lose 2 stone, which I could do in a year!
  10. Start making Youtube Videos: This is something I have tried to do countless times but then I make a few videos and decide I don't like them and remove them from Youtube. I recently bought a DSLR so I have no excuse not to be creating content.
  11. Take more photos: This includes being in photos. I get bored very easily when I'm taking photos. I need to not do that, this will also help with my scrapbooking!
  12. Walk my Dog more: This is something that I can't start until I move home from uni in May, but I do need to walk her more, that poor dog is depraved.
  13. Work my way through my favourite baking book and see how far I can get: I have a 101 recipe baking book and it is literally my bible. I have made a few recipes from it, but I want to work my way from beginning to end. We'll see how that goes.
  14. Read 5 Classic Novels: I'm not terrible at reading, I have read a few of the greats, but I always wish that I'd read a few more.
  15. Stay in Touch with my friends: This one is massively important to me. My biggest worry is that I won't see/speak to my friends very often when we graduate in May.
  16. Play a sport: I'm not very good with sports, but I feel like playing one would be beneficial to me, especially on the weight loss front. Rounders is my favourite sport but I also used to take Ballroom and Latin dancing (yes I consider that a sport).
  17. Move out of my mum's house?: I'm not sure about this one yet, it will depend on how quickly I get a job etc. I won't be moving home until May, but I don't want to be there for too long, mainly because I have to share a room with my sister, and I don't want to do that forever.
  18. Have a radio show: In my first year of university I was part of the student radio station and I absolutely loved it! I had to quit due to disagreements with a few of the members, and I miss it dearly. I was often told how good a presenter I made, and I really want to take it up again. I already have a possible volunteer show lined up, maybe it could turn into a career.
  19. Listen to more music: I love pop music, but I'm not very good with keeping up with what's in the charts!
  20. See more of the UK: I haven't seen a lot of Britain, and I want to remedy this by travelling around more, even on day trips and seeing everything I can.
  21. Write a letter to someone who inspires me: This will most likely be someone famous but not necessarily.
  22. Maintain my blogs!: This one is quite a boring one, but it's also an important one. Blogging is a good creative outlet for me and I need to keep up not only my personal blog but my Nail blog too. We'll see. 
So there we are! 22 things I want to do before I reach 22. As and when I do these I'll make sure I blog about them and tick them off the list. I'll also be adding a tab at the top of my blog so you can track my progress if you like!

ALSO on my Nail Blog I am doing a birthday giveaway! Click here to check that out.

Let me know what you think are the best ideas on the list! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day now, goodbye petals!

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  1. That's a great list! I love reading what other people are challenging themselves with, it gives me inspirations!

    Good luck with it, I'm looking forward to reading how you're getting on throughout the year!

    Janey x