Film Thoughts: Wreck-It Ralph

Saturday 9 February 2013

Having literally just gotten in from seeing this film and I literally cannot contain my emotions. This film is beyond belief good. If you are a fan of video games, or even a fan of Disney then this is a must-see film for 2013! 

There were so many amazing references in the film to classic video-games. Me and my friends were all trying to beat each other to spot them all! And the SOUNDTRACK! Wow... everything about this film is amazing. The only disappointment I have in it was that it wasn't released in the UK sooner! I want this on DVD so I can watch it ALL the time! 

The film begins with the majority of what you see in the trailer, which I tend to expect from Disney films, but then it takes such an interesting and un-obvious turn! There is even a major plot twist that NONE of us saw coming! I'm trying not to give much away about this film hence why these thoughts are full mainly of me fangirling! There are perfect moments of laughter balanced with the heart jerking moments that Disney is famed for. Jane Lynch makes a brilliant and heartwarming appearance, managing to keep her hilarious banter without being too crude for a children's film. As well as that the relationship between Wreck-it Ralph and the little girl is so heartwarming and I found it so refreshing to see a relationship between a male and female that wasn't about romance or falling in love!

I literally have nothing bad to say about this film, so go and see it. NOW. Like as soon as you can. Seriously. It's amazing. 

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing Wreck-It Ralph, I was devastated when it wasn't out when I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago! (Though our cinema in my hometown is quite crap!)

    I am so going to try and spot all the old classics. It'll probably get me in the mood to play them. I'm actually surprised there's a plot twist though!

    Really glad to hear that it was enjoyable, can't wait. Now to decide whether to go see Die Hard or Wreck-It Ralph for Valentine's Day, hmm...

    1. GO SEE WRECK-IT RALPH! You literally won't regret it!