Skyrim Diary #1: The day EVERYTHING happened

Monday 11 February 2013

So today I finally picked up Skyrim again!

If you read my Birthday post, then you'll know that my best friend Ellie bought me all three downloadable expansions for Skyrim and I wasted no time installing them. Although in hind-sight it may have been a bad idea, installing them all at once... I fast-travelled to Whiterun and everything went a bit crazy. I had two guy asking me if I was Dragonborn and then attacking me saying they didn't believe me. Once they were killed some other men came up to me and asked me if I know what the Dawnguard was, so I had to talk to them, and then I had 3 letters from a courier. Insane...

So the next thing I do is chose a quest, and I fast-travel to the nearest point to my target location, and I get attacked by a dragon. STRAIGHT AWAY! No word of a lie, I fast-travel, the game loads, oh there's a dragon... ok! So I kill the dragon, but before I can absorb it's soul I get hit by a troll, which I proceed to kill, but then the Orc who was attacking the troll attacks me... Once all that is finally over the game seems to have settled down I manage to get a couple of quests done. Then I decide to try out one of the features from Hearthfire, building my own house.

I made a good start, I had the small house, and the great hall all up and running, and I'm about to use the crafting table to finish up the roof when I hear this almighty crash (ingame) and my controller starts vibrating. I turn around to see that a Dragon has landed in between my house and my stable (a relatively small space) and is attacking my horse. After the initial shock wears off I run over and kill the dragon, all the while shouting profanities about how Skyrim can't be nice to me today. Once I killed the dragon I tidied up and quit Skyrim.

I decided I needed a little time away from the insanity that seems to ensue every time I pick up my controller to play Skyrim. I swear that I get attacked by Dragons 100% more than every one else that I know that plays the game. This is one of those times that I really wish that I could do Game playthrough videos, because you literally WOULD NOT believe me.

I think Skyrim hates me... but I don't hate it. I can't get enough! I'm off to play some more now, and hopefully I will (finally) adopt a child!

Please feel free to leave your funniest Skyrim experiences in the comments, I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. Oh Skyrim, how I love thee! I've been obsessed with the Elder Scrolls since Morrowind and that obsession only got more intense when Skyrim came out! Glad to hear you're enjoying it. The insanity can be entertaining at times!

    My funniest experience was probably walking up to Windhelm being told to go speak to the head of the Stormcloaks and to be careful because they might attack me for being Imperial. I try sneaking in all stealthy-like when a dragon lands ON MY FACE and I Fus-Ro-Dah it...accidentally hitting one of the stable's horses and causing the ENTIRE town to agro on me. Couldn't get in to finish my quest. I'm stealthy, me!

    Hope you continue enjoying it, it's really immersive! I'm starting a new character now which is sad because I love my old one and feel a bit like I'm cheating on her...but it's okay because nords are too kickass for me to pass them up. :) What character are you playing?

    1. I have a Wood Elf called Ivy currently level 28! :) HAHAHAH A Dragon landed on your face! That sounds hilarious. I just played some more and a dragon landed near me, then I went to attack it, but it just flew away! What was your old character/new character? x