Friday 8 February 2013

Just a quick post from me today guys!

One thing I have learned since starting my Nail Blog in November is that the blogging community is very large, and very lovely. I've joined a couple of groups on Facebook that have lead me to meet some wonderful people. What I've always wanted is a network of online friends that support each other but that could then also meet up in real life every now and again for a good chin wag!

So I've started a new Facebook Group called Berkshire Bloggers. If you are from Berkshire or the surrounding area then please feel free to join up! I basically am looking for us all to support each other, write posts for each other, do giveaways together and eventually meet up! You can find us on Facebook or on Twitter if you search #BerkshireBloggers I would love to hear from you lovely ladies! I hope that in the coming months our group grows and we all meet some wonderful new friends!

So far I have these lovely ladies within my group:

Hope to hear from you all soon!

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