Film Thoughts: Jawbreaker

Sunday 10 February 2013

I watched another film from my 22 Before 22 Film list! I don't know why this was on my list, probably because I love Mean Girls and wanted to find a film like that. Well this film is certainly like Mean Girls, except more crazy and not as good.

I was surprised to see that Rose McGowan was in this film, particularly seeing as I only recently finished watching Charmed, and liked her in that. She actually plays the villain in this film and quite a convincing one!

The plot itself is actually a little bit stupid, and quite unbelievable, and the character motivations are kind of rubbish and the acting is a bit meh in places. Basically this film is only alright. Only watch this film if you liked Mean Girls and wanted something 'kind of' like Mean Girls so that you don't have to watch Mean Girls for the millionth time.

Or you could just watch Mean Girls. Its better, and probably more worth your time.

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