Friday Letters

Friday 22 February 2013

Dear Hair, Thank you for actually behaving today and looking so beautiful, I promise I'll sort your colour out soon.

Dear Body, I know we are going through a stressful time, but you aren't helping!

Dear Mum, I miss you lots, I can't wait until I move back in the summer.

Dear Internet Sellers, Thank you for being so understanding recently when I've had to return faulty items, it makes me feel so much better about the situation.

Dear fellow bloggers, I love sharing my blog with you and reading your blogs, I can't wait to read even more of them!

Dear E.L.F, Please stop sending me really good offers over email, I really REALLY want to buy from you, but I have to restrict myself.

Dear Universe, Please keep bringing the good times my way!

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  1. I love this feature! Your letters are lovely <3 Good hair days are the best days

    1. I know right! I NEVER have a good hair day... well until today ;)

  2. Aw such a cute feature xx

  3. Your hair looks great! :)


  4. You hair looks so good girl you are rocking it love the color!