31 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 7! My Dream Job!

Thursday 7 March 2013

If you read this blog often then you will know that I am about to graduate University and I'm kind of in Limbo about what exactly it is I want to do. In an ideal world I want to work in the media, particularly in TV or film. Either Horror films or television dramas. So here are a couple of my 'Dream' jobs that I'd love to have, if I could just click my fingers and make them happen.

  1. Work on the set of Doctor Who. Now this one is kind of vague, because there is no specific role that I'd like. I would be happy just being the skivvy who fetches the tea if I'm honest. I'm just DYING to work on this set. (Maybe one day when I am mega famous... HA)
  2. Be a writer for Eastenders. I LOVE Eastenders. I've grown up watching the characters, and the amazingly unpredictable and wild story lines. If I were ever to work on this show, I would HAVE to be a writer. Just so that I could make sure that they were treating my favourite characters well!
  3. Be a horror film director! I am obsessed with horror films. I think I would be the happiest girl in the world if I got to go into work and be covered in fake blood and guts! I just think that making horror films must be so much fun! 
So there you go. There are my top 3 'dream jobs'. It's highly unlikely that I'll ever get even a tiny but close to any of these jobs. A girl can dream right? Let me know in the comments what your dream jobs are!

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  1. Sounds like some awesome goals!! It would be fun to work on a set. I hope you get there one day soon.

  2. If I worked on the set of Doctor Who, I would stalk Steven Moffat and make sure he didn't write any more heartbreaking episodes. Also, I would pester him about Sherlock ;D