Friday Letters!

Friday 1 March 2013

Dear Nails, Thank you for growing so strong and beautifully, with the help of OPI Nail Envy you'll be long and beautiful in no time!

Dear Self, You are so close to graduating with a 2.1 degree. Don't mess it up now!

Dear future boyfriend, Don't leave me waiting too long, I would like to meet you sometime within the next year.

Dear Pervy Men on Dating Websites, Leave me alone, I'm not interested in you and I never will be!

Dear meat, Yes I miss you, but we don't have a good relationship when we are together. Maybe when I've graduated I'll eat you again! Until then, veg all the way!

Dear Ellie, I've really enjoyed us cooking for each other this week. Let's keep doing it please!

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  1. I really love these posts of yours, brilliant. I use Nail Envy as well and love it xx

  2. I'm waiting on my future boyfriend/husband too. Hopefully he arrives soon.