31 Day Challenge! Day 27! 3 Online Friends that I hope to meet soon!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Since I started blogging in November last year I have made a few friends that I definitely want to meet soon! Although one of the people I will mention is not a blogger ;)

I made friends with Kerrie of Pish Posh and Polish after joining the British Nail Bloggers group on Facebook and realising that we both lived in the same town! So as soon as I have the time we will be meeting up in person!

Another friend I've made online is Rach from 'What Rach Loves' and 'Phoenix Nails'. I actually started talking to Rach because I did a guest post over on her Nail Blog! Since then we have done a beauty box swap, and I hope that maybe one day we'll get to meet up!

The third online 'friend' I have met, was actually through a dating website! I don't want to give too much away as of yet, but we've been talking for a few months now and we are meeting up tomorrow!! EEEEEK! I am seriously excited and nervous at the same time! I hope you'll all be keeping your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. That's cool you've met a couple! And... as for tomorrow -- GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. Your graphic made me giggle. I've actually said that to my friends and none of them get it because they haven't seen the Inbetweeners. *sigh*

    As for tomorrow, I wish you the best of luck. I met my last boyfriend through a dating site and while we're no longer together, we are still friends. He's funny, charming and one of those nice guys the world seems to be lacking. I hope yours is too!

    1. Me and my friends always shout 'fwend' at each other! And thanks for the support! I'm super nervous and excited!

  3. good luck for tomorrow and hope to see you soon!

  4. Woo-hoo! Hope you enjoy your date tomorrow! Maybe this will be THE one. :-)

  5. how did the date go?