31 Day Challenge! Day 25! My Location!

Monday 25 March 2013

Aberystwyth Pier

My current location is Aberystwyth in Wales. I study at the university here so for 3 years I have lived here. It's by the sea, which means that the weather is pretty eratic, when it's good it's very very good, and when it is bad it is terrible. For example, currently the weather is FREEZING cold, and the winds are so strong they can blow you over. Also for some reason there is always a sunny day whenever the University has an open day, prompting everyone to believe that there is some kind of weather machine being hidden at the uni! Basically Aber is a town for students, old people, and holiday makers. The nightlife is pretty sweet (because of the students) and there is enough to do if your bored. The cinema only has one screen so don't expect to get to see new releases on time! Which is one of my BIGGEST annoyances with Aber...

Anyway, I will be moving back home to Newbury, Berkshire in a couple of months and I'd like to say I'm going to miss Aberystwyth but I really don't think I will! I'll certainly miss my friends, the night life, and the independance i've had at University but apart from that I am fairly happy to be moving home soon! If you want to check out my other challenge days please check out the links below:

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