31 Day Challenge! Day 24! My Most Embarrassing Moment!

Sunday 24 March 2013

From top left to bottom right: Zebra, At Thorpe Park, Condom love at a JLS concert, Stupid face, Inbred viewing at Abertoir, Alyssia in Wonderland, First Year Love, First Headphone Disco, Back to Skool party!

There seems to be a never ending stream of embarrassing photos of me on Facebook, mainly because I always pull weird faces at the camera. Mostly because I find that I take HORRIBLE photo's when I am actually trying to look good. So as well as sharing these photo's I thought I'd tell you a few of my embarrassing stories!

  1. The first time I met The Wanted my sister was shaking and crying like a complete fool. As she was hugging Nathan Sykes (her favourite) he was like 'AWWW it's ok' and I came along and had to say something stupid.. So I said, (jokingly) 'oh it's ok I'm her carer she's on day release' and he was like 'OMG REALLY!!' and I had to just say 'no...' which earned me the weirdest look ever... Needless to say I'll never attempt to tell Nathan a joke again...
  2. My first ever Bay Radio social was pub golf. I challenged one of the second years saying if I beat him he could never shout 'FRESHER' at me ever again. A few hours later, I threw up in the loo's of one of the pubs! Had I stayed though I totally would have beat him!
  3. At our Rocky Horror Halloween party last year, I drank too much and was sick by 9pm... We were supposed to go to the union, but I never made it...
So there you have it, there are three of my most embarrassing memories! Let me know in the comments what your most embarrassing memories are!

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