31 Day Challenge! Day 12! Something I Miss!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

If you read my blog then one thing you might know about me is that Friends and Family are one of my greatest treasures! One of the things I miss the most right now is my family. I study at a university that is quite far away from my home town, meaning I only get to see them every 3 months or so, and that is really hard. My mum is my best friend, and I get on really well with my sister too, so to be away from them for so long is just horrible. This is one of the main reasons I am excited about graduation, because it means that I get to move back and see them all the time! Even though I know that they are going to drive me absolutely insane.

But then this poses a problem. When I graduate, I won't get to see my friends very often at all. My 5 best friends have basically become my second family, so when I graduate I'm going to miss them all equally as much as I miss my family now! I don't know how I'm going to cope without seeing my Best Friend Ellie almost every day. It's certainly going to be an adjustment, and not one that I am necessarily very happy about! So I may not see my family very much now, but I am about to loose my five greatest friends in the world, and I honestly don't know which is worse. I'll deal with that hurdle when I get to it, but for now, it makes me sad to even think about it.

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  1. I cannot imagine living away from my family and missing them. I am glad you will be moving home soon.

  2. My friend Kay shares your problem. She's from Crawley but she lives her in the US now and has for quite a few years. She said when's she's here she misses England and when she's home she misses America. I couldn't imagine living such a torn life. Hang in there!