MUA Haul #1

Thursday 7 March 2013

I love MUA products. They are always fairly good quality for the price you pay for them, and being cheap it means that I can buy a lot of their products over just one product from another brand! The other week when I was in Superdrug shopping for things to buy for a beauty box swap with my lovely friend Rachel, I couldn't help but wander over to the MUA stand and grab some products for myself!

Firstly I made a beeline straight for the lipsticks! Although I need to get into wearing makeup more on an everyday basis, I am beginning to fall in love with lip products! I've never been a massive fan of lipstick, always going for plain lip glosses, and being afraid of rocking colours. Something in me has decided that I want to give lipsticks a go though and for £1 a pop for these beautiful MUA lipsticks there is no reason not to give them a go!

Left to right: Shade 15, Shade 4

 Both come with detachable lip gloss pots in the same colour as the lipstick!
Top colour is Shade 15 and bottom is Shade 4

I love these lipsticks! They are great value for money and they are so cute. Shade 15 is my favourite, probably because it is such a subtle colour! I'm not entirely sure about Shade 4 on my lips. Swatched it looks beautiful, but that colour doesn't seem to translate well once it's actually on. Other than that though no complaints!

Keeping with the theme of lip products I picked up these cuties!

 Cute MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain
 Left to Right: Fabulicious, Fruitilicious.
Top colour is Fabulicious, and bottom is Fruitilicious

I love these lip stains! Even though I didn't realise that the names are kind of weird... They are much more subtle that lipsticks and seem to stay much longer. The best thing about these MUA lip stains is that they smell AMAZING! They remind me of those drinks I used to have as a kid, that were pink and came in a twist top bottle (I've looked everywhere for the name and can't seem to find it). These were just £3 each! Such a steal. I've only had the chance to wear Fabulicious, but I'll keep you posted on Fruitilicious!

Next up I picked up an Eye Primer as I've run out of mine!

I haven't actually had the chance to use this yet, and me being me I've lost my receipt and couldn't remember how much I paid for this. It was certainly no more than £3. I've played with it on my hand and it seems to be quite creamy and blends well, but we'll see how it performs with eye shadows at a later date!

Finally I had to pick up a couple of mascara's. If I had to pick one product that I would say I hoarded it would be mascara's. Which is weird because I ALWAYS end up using the same mascara. (I'm totally useless)

 Top Mascara: MUA Mega Volume Mascara in Black/Brown. Bottom Mascara: MUA Extreme Curl Mascara in Black Brown
 Close up of Extreme Curl's Brush
Close up of Mega Volume's Brush

One of the biggest problems I face with my lashes is that they are simply too straight. I want both Volume and Curl in my lashes so I thought these two might be able to help me. Extreme curl definitely does the job of making my lashes look more curled, so I'm fairly happy with that one, and for £2 I can't really complain. When I first saw the brush for the Mega Volume mascara I was very excited! I am a HUGE fan of large mascara brushes as they seem to be the only ones that work on my lashes. Unfortunately I was left disappointed in this one. The formula is a little too thin, and ends up making my lashes look wet, and that makes them even straighter. This mascara just doesn't give me the volume that I want, and I certainly wouldn't bother with it if I were you! Again I can't remember how much this one cost, I think it was about £3/£4, but like I said, it's not worth it. The Extreme Curl mascara however is a beauty!

I hope you've enjoyed my first proper Beauty Haul post! There will be more coming up as I've been naughty and ordered from E.L.F, and I've done a beauty box swap with a blog friend! So watch this space!

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  1. Good Haul xx

  2. OMG! £3 for the bloody lip tints!?!?! damn i bought it from another brand for double that!! Totally buying this one!