Friday Letters!

Friday 8 March 2013

Dear Blog Followers, You are growing in number every day and I am so humbled by the amount of you that read my blog. May this blog continue to go from strength to strength!

Dear Film Project Group, I know I can be bossy, but I am the director! Sometimes you guys are completely indecisive and on a shoot I need you to just get on with it. I love you guys, but I need you to help me!

Dear Mum, I'm sorry I'm missing another Mother's Day because I'm at Uni. This shall be the last year that I ever miss I promise. Sorry I only got you a card, but I couldn't find a good present in time, and I didn't just want to get you flowers, or chocolates as is expected on Mother's Day.

Dear Sister, I'm sorry that your exam results didn't go as you had hoped, but you are the master of your own future, and if you really HATE sixth-form that much then you should quit and pursue something you love!

Dear new boy in my life, Although we haven't technically met yet, I know we are going to hit it off as soon as we do. We have so much in common, and you are the sweetest guy to come into my life for a LONG time. I hope that you don't mind that I'm a little strange, because I believe that strange is good!

Dear diet, I will get back to not eating junk food, when it has all disappeared from the house!

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  1. luv you loads no worries i expect a huge pressie when your rich and famous ;) mum xx